What is hyperbaric therapy?

hyperbaric therapy is a new age therapy with the use of hyperbaric gas chamber to produce oxygen that a human can take into the body. This oxygen is normally pressured to a certain level and is normally pure oxygen. Hyperbaric therapy is where oxygen is made available at a controlled pressure that is introduced into the body. The healing benefits of hyperbaric therapy are almost general for many diseases, as much more disease that it can help is continually found. The hyperbaric therapy is mostly a continuous process and is given from time to time, of which the patient is monitored to see progress and signs of healing. Hyperbaric therapy mostly takes place in hyperbaric centers that have been certified to meet certain standards.

Today hyperbaric oxygen therapy have been recorded to at least help up to 77% percent of cases that have tried using this therapy as a side treatment or as an alternate treatment for a while. This therapy is effective because of the science behind it. Out body required intake of oxygen is 21 percent and most cancerous cells, and infections in the body would normally cut out oxygen in that area therefore causing the infection in the area to even decrease.
A high flow of oxygen in that area not only flushes out the infected and dead cells in that area but also causes new healthy ones to grow. It also reduces inflammation and causes formation of new arteries for increased blood flow more than before. This in turn translates to a much facilitated healing process for that tissue or organ. A continuous hyperbaric oxygen therapy goes ahead to accelerate the healing process of cancerous tissues and organs, this therapy also helps other disease such as autism, lyme disease and stroke. It has been proven to be effective and continues to be effective in other disease.

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