How to apply Tiger Balm?

Let’s face it, one of our favorite childhood pastimes was to apply tiger balm on our hands or foreheads and feel the cold sensation after a while. But guess what? While we were just pulling pranks and playing with an ointment we actually learnt the proper way to apply an ointment Yes, that’s absolutely how you apply the balm to the affected area. You must take required (generally, small) amount of balm and rub on the wounded area, once the area heats up you can stop rubbing, because the balm starts to work when the area is heated up.

The affected or wounded area must be rubbed in a circular motion and gently after the application of the balm. That makes the balm work effectively. It can be applied 2-3 times a day. But remember, too much use of it can cause mild irritation to the skin. The tiger balm can be used in many situations of day to day life. Even those scenarios that you never thought could involve the use of balm.
This pain relieving balm has held the reigns of the market. It has been dominating the market since its origin and still continues do so although nowadays there are several competitors in the market. Tiger balm is probably a part of history and hence has the most number of experiences in this business. It is seen that the red tiger balm has cajeput oil and Chinese cane oil, these increases its pain relieving effect and enhances its analgesic properties. The white balm has eucalyptus essential oil which can help in reduction of rheumatism, sinusitis, and rhinitis and so on and so forth inconveniences. And that’s not just all, this balm is probably the best kept secret. It can do so many more unconventional treatments of disorders.