Virtual Office along with their features help business to have office in cyberspace

Virtual office is an office in cyberspace, it does not have any physical office. Virtual office can be stated as a service which allows employees as well as owner of business to work from place of their choice through use of internet. Virtual office concept also allows organizations to show their presence is a prestigious location without even paying rent for actual office space. Virtual office provides an organization with various benefits on physical office. The idea was first implemented by Ralph Gregory in 1994.

Virtual office services are highly customizable and can be modified as per the business requirements. Services provided by these offices are as follow:
• Answering of telephones: Telephone answer service can be set up within few hours. In this organization is provided with a local number. At this number calls are attended by trained staff that makes sure that no calls get missed and all the messages are taken and passed on to the right person.
• Providing mailing address: Virtual office enables organization or business to use registered office / mailing address of a prestigious place without even spending money in buying physical office in that place. These addresses can be used on websites, visiting cards and even in mail signature.
• Virtual receptionist: virtual office receptionist performs all the roles of the normal physical office receptionist. Receptionist accepts mails and deliveries for the company and also takes messages from people who make visits to office. The best part of the service is that it is 24 hour operational.
• Scanning of letter: Handlers at virtual office opens all the physical mails received at the virtual office and scan them .and these scanned mails are send to the given email address.
• Meeting/conference rooms: These virtual offices also provide conference rooms to the organization on pay-as you go basis.
• Office equipment: Various office equipments like: photocopier, fax, scanner, internet and printer are also provided by virtual office. An organization can also hire these equipments.
Virtual offices are based on concept of getting most of the business without increasing cost. Payments for virtual office can be monthly, quarterly or annually and is generally paid in advance. However in case of any extra service is used by company then that amount is billed at the end of month.