Our designs are unique, more efficient and resistant; check it when purchasing a Peashooter hammer

Large Foot Tools we know how to make a peashooter and we put ourselves on the map many thanks to a professional seller who along with 27 experience in construction work, frameworked and renovated who determined that with the help of a larger edge in his tool 7-1 / 4 could cut (Four x 4 spades) in One pass.

At Big Feet we start generating a living as carpenters and also ship owners, we proceed to be a company of source initiated and directed simply by persons of the carpentry industry, our tool designs, such as the Peashooter nail driver, are efficient, stable, resistant and incredibly safe, so you bring the best quality to your work.

Undoubtedly, our tools have an old-fashioned top quality, which is not obtainable in large container stores, and that we like that. Our own priority happens to be to maintain outstanding service and supply the best resources.

We have outstanding distributors including Tool Depot North park, California K-119, Equipment and National Supplies, Acme Equipment, US Securing Systems plus some more that you could find on the website http://bigfootsaws.org.

We maintain sending cutting blades, sales of Peashooter hammer as well as kits daily so that your supplier can offer a person original parts. In case your rep does not have them, you can get in touch with the number we’ve placed on the web site and we will gladly indicate where one can get them.

All of our blades and also parts are usually strong enough to take on any perform condition, that can significantly benefit your projects within an easy way without affecting the quality.

Every Sierra Big Feet are built as well as assembled manually in the United States, basically, we manually check each finished noticed to make sure it really is nothing less than what we would like to use for our careers. Our 10 ΒΌ saw is backed by a complete one year guarantee.

At Big Foot Tools we will be content to assist you which help you fix this problem regarding carpentry at home.