Finding the best buying guide of anime movies and shows

There are very common and most popular anime categories that most people like watching and which may basically confuse you when you want to buy the movies. But if you want to buy them, the most common are the action or adventure and in this category most anime movies or shows that are included here are the ninja vs. samurai movies, martial arts, action, sorcery and sword adventure movies and all battles between robots and giants. The best movies include Black Lagoon, Dragon Ball and Darker than Black.

If you like drama, comedy or slice of life, you can buy anime shows that fall into this category. There are actually free anime shows which revolve around coming of age, romance, life experiences (both good and bad) and everyday tribulations. Common examples of movies in this category include Princess Jellyfish and FLCL. History is another category common with anime movies, and many of these movies delve into the historical past of Japan. Sometimes the movies could be in the form of history or mythology or both could be included in the movie. Samurai 7 is a good example of historical anime movies.

Just like western countries where mystery or horror films are popular, dubbed anime also includes this category in their movies. Most of the movies in this category have certain supernatural theme and others have conventional thriller or suspense material. Good examples of such movies include Hell Girl and Monster. Science fiction is not also forgotten. In this category, the shows range from space opera to hard science fiction. Examples of movies include Ergo Proxy and Cowboy Bebop among others. It should be understood that some genres are mixed together to include horror, drama, fantasy, historical or mythological events and comedy. Therefore, you should not be confused on what anime to buy but rather identify the best genre, and you will get the best anime movie. click here to get more information 123.