Bitcoin has changed the world

Have you ever wondered how bitcoin was invented or what concept it works on? If you are a market stalker then you might have observed that recently there was a sudden rise in the demand for bitcoins but do you actually know the main reason behind it, No? Then you have come to the right place; this website will tell you each and every aspect of bitcoins and how you can earn it.

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that works on the concept of Blockchain. The blockchain is secured network used for money transaction. It was invented by an unknown person or a group of people in the year 2008 under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. It is an opensource project that has brought revolution in the money transaction system. In Blockchain, there is no master node or Leader. All users are independent and can keep track of any transaction occurred in the system. So, if one person wants to send money to other in a blockchain then he will initiate a vote. If the majority of people in the network accepted the vote then the transaction is initiated.

The reason why it is safe is, if an attacker wants to change the log files or add a fake transaction in the system then he has to change and hack files for each and every person present in the system. This makes it tedious job and backtracking are easy when we have multiple victims. Also, each user has his own level of security so if attacker can’t penetrate it then it will disrupt the integrity of the system thus it becomes easy to spot that an attack has occurred. If you want more information about ICO or Ethereum then come to our website. We daily update our site with the latest information so that our clients remain top in their field.