Brewing Beer at bar Robinson

Not had that wow impact in your beer yet? Still unsatisfied? To get the best beer of your life come at Robinsons bar in Morzine resort. Here we sell high quality of beer suiting everyone’s need ranging from light beer to normal and heavy once.

Bar Robinson locally called as Robbs is a great place to have high quality of beer. They do not import their beer or buy from 3rd party. They brew it themselves at the Bar. The answer to such unique taste in their beer is process they use to make beer, the brewing process.

It starts with malting barley. Most of the brewers hardly malt their own grain, here at Robinsons bar we malt our own barley. This process starts by soaking the barley in hot water so that they release malt sugar.

The next step is boiling the malted sugar with hops for seasoning. Hops are generally flowers of hops plant (Humulus lupulus). They, are used as a primary agent for flavouring and stabilizing the beer. So, they have this bitter or citric taste. Here at Robinsons bar we use very high quality of hops. They are specially imported from Oregon.
After this the beer or solution is cooled and yeast is added to begin fermentation. Fermentation is a metabolic process where bacteria eats sugar when there is not enough oxygen. Final product of fermentation are organic acid, various natural gasses and alcohol. The quality of yeast highly affects the taste and smoothness of beer. We use top quality of “Top-fermenting” type yeast.

This solution is stored in wood oak smoked containers to get a Smokey flavour. The yeast ferments the sugar and releases alcohol.

When the fermentation is complete the beer is boiled with little bit of white or brown sugar to provide carbonization which also enhances the taste.

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