A Quick Go Through On Allen TX Company

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Engagement Rings by James Allen, You Can’t Get Your Eyes Off

James Allen is the largest private retailer of diamond and bridal jewelry. It was founded by Oded Edelman, James Schultz, Michele Sigler and Dean Lederman. james allen offers to provide the high-quality diamonds with the largest collection at the price to its customers.

Ring Types

The first step while purchasing a ring is understanding the significance of different types of rings. James Allen has a wide collection of the ring from classic solitaires to modern tension rings. Doesn’t matter whether you want something traditional or flashier, James Allen is always here to fulfill your demands and provide you with the best. James Allen has a wide collection to choose from.

• Solitaire Engagement Rings

A solitaire engagement ring is a classic ring with a single stone of a diamond and plain mounting on it. These rings are very popular engagement rings. Their appealing simplicity and elegance attract the customers more. Solitaire engagement rings are available different shapes and sizes. Narrower bands with a small diamond make the diamond seem larger and make your fingers look prettier. Others have thicker bands which give more options for the setting of the diamonds. There are many solitaire engagement rings in James Allen with ring guards or ring wraps that has a center diamond framed in it, giving it a more prominent look.

• Pavé Engagement Rings

It is a beautiful engagement ring which comprises of small diamonds placed all over the band, this gives a solid diamond surface appearance. These diamonds are held using tiny beads and prongs along the band, so that little metal shows and more diamonds. Pave settings can be done throughout the band or can be done in half of it. It depends on the choice of the customers. Such settings are called full pave and half pave settings. In a micro pave ring, the individual stones appear to be very small and they even seem to blend together, creating an extraordinary flash.