Introduction US Visa and Immigration

Many people suffered United States immigration Consequences because of their reliance on incorrect information located on the internet. Whilst far information located on the internet could possibly be true, we’ve become conscious of a wealth of visa myths stemming from erroneous information that is perpetuated throughout the esta which range from chat boards to government information pages.

Unfortunately, these visa myths frequently lead to impacts Of varying amounts, including the following: a.) Someone could forego using for a particular visa category that will otherwise enable him to establish a profitable company in the USA, because of a mistaken believe that he’s ineligible for the category; or b.) Someone may consider that she’s licensed to carry on business activities in the USA that are, in reality, prohibited by legislation, resulting in refusals of entry, visa denials, or even worse.

The Simple Fact of the matter is that United States immigration legislation Is seldom, if ever, straightforward — and it’s very important to differentiate between the facts and the myths. In this guide, therefore, we address both the ten (10) visa myths most frequently attracted to our attention by our customers, in the hopes of assisting the public to prevent costly missteps.
Myth: “I want to spend $250,000 USD from the United States to be eligible for an E2 Treaty Investor Visa.”

The Truth: Not necessarily. The US Department of State (“DOS”), the United States government agency that manages ESTA visa applications doesn’t establish a minimal investment figure. Rather, the DOS simply says that the investment must be significant. The dollar amount necessary for a significant investment is contingent upon the character of the company to be launched or to be bought. Your investment must reflect a considerable percentage of the entire worth of the company to be bought or it must be enough to begin a profitable new business.

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