How to get revenge on your sibling with pranks:

Siblings can be a person’s best friend as well as on enemies, and sometimes it can be both in the same day. Brothers and sisters share a bond with each other which is irreplaceable with any other relationship. However, an even best relationship called as a sibling can have a little war on their own. Though these little wars comprise of love, affection, and care to each other. If you are looking to get a sweet and fun revenge with your sibling, then you can go it with playing pranks on them. Prankyou sibling can be done in plenty of ways; all you have to take care is to be careful so that it does not come back to you.

Ways to get revenge by pranks on our sibling in homes:

• You can set their alarm clock early in the morning: the most annoying way to take the best revenge from your sibling is by waking them early in the morning. You can set their alarm clock early morning because of that they will wake up hovering in the morning.

• Hide their favorite things: to play a perfect prank on your sibling you can hide their favorite things under a couch, microwave, and toilet or in a place where they can’t easily find it. Make sure you hide things which are in day to day use of them. If your sibling comes to you in order to ask their things, just deny casually that you don’t know where it is. It will make them more confused.

• Spray cream on their hands while sleeping: this is one of the best yet effective pranks to play on your sibling. While your sibling is sleeping, you can put wiped cream over their hands. So that when they wake up they will roll their hands over their face, nose, and blankets. They will end up covering their hands and tings with whipped cream.

These are some of the pranks which can be done over the home. Try now!

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