Do not be satisfied with an opaque and standard floor, obtain patterned vinyl flooring vintage, geometric shapes, spots or florals looking for the Floor & Far more

We all like to reside in a place which identifies us, where we could express ourself and feel safe. When we decorate or need to furnish we decide furniture and items that conform to our style, that echo our persona, but we need to settle for the floorboards that someone different has placed, or we can change it yet we may certainly not find a flooring different from what we should already know, with neutral styles and colors because it is exactly what abounds in the flooring market.

For the many daring and daring set for the Floor & Far more, we have patterned vinyl flooring, geometric vinyl flooring or any kind of design and colours that you can think about for your floors, and not only for your household but you can use it wherever you want.
Each of our vinyl floors have been created for those that seek to modify their space and result in an impact. All of us combine modernity and also the highest quality stamping with high weight inks for high traffic floors both home and business.
Imagine the ground of the space of the little ones at home with cartoon designs, or spaceships, or the major room with the patterned vinyl flooring vintage or a restroom with vinyl flooring throughout bold colours. In For the Floor & More, there is no limit on styles.
Bring your concept that we be able, we have creation professionals and styles capable of doing anything you want; just have to contact us through the website, where you will also get information about all of our products and samples of vinyl flooring with geometric patterns: Geo Arco, Geo Disa, Geo Harrow, Geo Fenchurch, Geo Iver, Geo Knobs. Vinyl flooring with floral motifs: Carin, Chloe, Corinne, Eline, or perhaps vinyl flooring: Pokki, Yume, Koto and a great number of patterns as well as models.
Check us out right now on the website and pick from our wide range of floor coverings, and when there is probably none that reflects your individuality contact us and we’ll print your very own design.

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