Career and life details about Ben Brown

Marathon runners have to prepare hard to maintain their speed and presence in the race. Running a marathon needs stamina and rigorous training in a whole to be a better athlete. The same you can see from the life and efforts of

. Hi is a well known athlete from London, United Kingdom and won series of Marathon World Championships and world cup awards. With his trainings and efforts he first became the Junior Men Marathon World Champion in the year 2003.

Ben Brown won the world champions and the national Championships. During his winning tenure, Ben remains undefeated the entire year and became the Marathon World Champion in whole Britain. Later he was succeeded by Ivan Lawler, who won the Marathon World Championship. In the year 2011, Ben Brown again participated in the World Cup and won the championship. This time he became a self financed athlete and was not getting paid from any lottery funds or programs. One he bagged 11th rank as he went ill at the World Championship in Singapore.
Later, Ben Brown decided to move ahead with his career in photography and making videos at the age of 29. Then he created his Youtube channel and started uploading videos and maintaining his Vlog. He collaborates hi Youtube functioning with the famous Youtuber, Louis Cole. His channel is a huge hit and has more than 78 million views on some of his videos. He is also active on Instagram and Twitter and actively posts content at these platforms. Currently he is very dedicated on his Vlogs and websites and provide instructions on the same through them. Recently, he has uploaded images on Instagram about his shooting the video in Mozambique. He says it’s a music video and soon all the viewers will be able to see it on the Youtube Channel.

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